Seymour, Texas • Project Inquiry

Economic Development in the Seymour community involves two organizations. They are the Economic Development Department of the City of Seymour, and the Seymour Community Development Corporation (SCDC).

Lauren Bush

Lauren Bush serves as Department Head of the City Economic Development Department and Executive Director of the SCDC. The Economic Development departmental budget is within the City’s structure. The SCDC is a community based 501C-3 non- profit organization with an eleven member board. The executive director is responsible equally to both organizations. They both have the same goal of assuring that the Seymour community will continue to grow and prosper.

Lauren Bush is an original resident of the Seymour/Baylor county area with a passion for helping rural America. Since returning to Seymour in 2005, she has served on various boards and worked with many community organizations.  In September 2012, Lauren became the President of the SCDC Board, after serving 2 years as a board member, and was hired as the Economic Development Director in January of 2014.

“I feel incredibly blessed to work with the city and the residents who make up this amazing community of dedicated individuals.  The future is open and shining bright for Seymour.  As we all work together, we will see advances in our town.”

Lauren Bush

Department Head

P.O. Box 31
Seymour, Texas 76380
Office: 940-889-0030
Fax: 940-889-4701