Electra, Texas • About

The City of Electra, Texas was founded on a rich history of ranching, farming, and oil production in 1907.  Today, Electra is a small, proud community that still relies heavily on these industries.  Officially the Pump Jack Capital of Texas, many residents still work in the surrounding oilfields.   Electra is also a Texas Main Street City, has National Main Street Community Designation, and is a Preserve America Community. 

Electra is situated 25 miles west of Wichita Falls on US 287, approximately equidistance between Amarillo, Oklahoma City and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Electra residents enjoy outstanding health care provided by Electra Memorial Hospital and its programs; good schools provided by Electra Independent School District; and City of Electra facilities including the Library, Senior Center, public swimming pool, and a nine-hole golf course operated by its members.

The History of Electra

The settlement that would become Electra grew from a shipping point for Dan Waggoner’s cattle in the late 1880’s. The vast ranch holdings acquired by Dan Waggoner and his son W.T. shaped the development of western Wichita and Wilbarger counties, and in 1902 local citizens chose to name their town Electra, in honor of  W.T.’s daughter, ending the confusion created by the early designation of the post office as Beaver and the depot as Waggoner.

The little town served farm families in the Waggoner Colony lands toward Red River and the big ranch operations around it. The opening of the town site in October of 1907 marks the beginning of an organized community, but most of Electra’s growth was to result from the opening of oil fields here in 1911. On April 1, 1911, the discovery well Clayco #1 blew in about a mile north of downtown, opening the North Texas fields and building a town in the process. Local lore notes that early reports of the gusher were thought to be an April Fool’s joke. Electra grew from a few hundred to 5,000 people within a year’s time. Oil wealth would build infrastructure, schools, churches, and civic pride in Electra for generations.

Electra today honors that heritage but boasts of 21st century City services, outstanding local health care, good schools, strong financial institutions and quality of life most urban dwellers envy. We welcome you to discover Electra.